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Mantis 2 Cycle Tiller
It weighs 20 pounds and it's all muscle

No other tiller does so much with so little effort! The Mantis Tiller's powerful commercial-grade 2-cycle engine spins the tines twice as fast as other tillers. Its unique, patented serpentine tines quickly cut through hard sod, compacted soil, or tangly weeds, digging down 10 inches so your crops can establish themselves in soil that's cool, deep and water-retentive.

  • Weighs only 20 pounds.
  • Easy to handle, fun to use.
  • Easily tills down up to 10" deep.
  • Cuts through hard sod, compact soil or tangly weeds.
  • Weeds and cultivates even in narrow rows.
  • Convenient 9" tine width
  • Convenient, fold-down handles
Product No. 7222
Product No. 7225

Easily tills down up to 10" deep. Works great in narrow rows.