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Terms Regarding Party Equipment and Supplies Rentals

  1. Party Equipment Reservations
    A reservation is confirmed when Paw Paw Rental receives a deposit for the event. For orders placed 21 days or more in advance of the event, a 50% deposit is required. The remaining balance must be paid no later than 14 business days prior to the event. For orders placed with less than 14 days remaining before the event, the entire balance of the order is due at the time of reservation.

  2. Party Equipment Cancellations
    Reservations canceled less than 7 days before the equipment is to be delivered by Paw Paw Rentals or is to be picked up by the customer, are subject to a cancellation fee equal to the full contract cost. Counts may be reduced by up to 20% of the dollar amount of the contract without penalty, a minimum of 7 days before the equipment is to be delivered or picked up. Linen items will be charged in full - no refunds. There are no refunds on any unused equipment. There are no refunds given for any orders canceled during the month of June. All other cancellations will be subject to a charge of $50.00.

  3. Tents & Canopies
    The tent location must be prepared: grass cut, sprinkler system off, all lawn items removed. Trees adjacent to the tent installation area must have branches trimmed so that there is no interference with the tent. Tent installation will be as close as possible to the location that the customer desires. The tent must be installed on flat ground. (a slight slope is permissible) The tent must be installed on ground where rainwater will flow away from the tent, and where water will not collect under the tent. The tent installation area must be accessible to our trucks. Tents will not be installed or taken down during rainstorms. We can install a tent only once, so the customer must make sure of the desired location. If the customer wants the tent moved to a different location after installation, please call our office. Additional charges will apply. Fires of any kind are prohibited under tent. Do not staple, nail, or pin anything to the tent. Do not let bare light bulbs touch any part of the tent. A tent is a temporary structure, not meant to provide adequate protection from the elements. In the event of severe weather, people should leave the tent and take shelter in a building. Have an evacuation plan for your guests ahead of time.

  4. Underground Utilities
    Paw Paw Rental will not be liable for any damage to underground utilities, sprinkler systems, grass, bushes, or trees. The customer is responsible for marking underground utilities and sprinklers.

  5. Delivery & Pickup
    We can provide delivery and pickup to most areas, for an additional charge. Delivery and pickups are done during Paw Paw Rentals normal business hours, to street level or dock, unless otherwise arranged. Customer may request morning or afternoon for delivery or pickup. Customer is responsible to check the count of the items before the delivery people leave. Tables & chairs must be folded and stacked in the same location as delivered unless arrangements are made prior to the event.

  6. Customer Pickup
    As a courtesy, we will help the customer load and unload his/her own vehicle. However, the customer is responsible for providing an adequately-sized vehicle, and we are not responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle during the loading or unloading processes. Customer must check the count of the items before leaving the store. Items not returned on time will be charged the daily rental rate for each item returned late.

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