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Shindaiwa PowerBroom™

The PB270 PowerBroom is designed for continuous, heavy-duty operation.

The PB270 delivers the extra power needed to move a host of materials, hour after hour, day in and day out. Whether your job involves cleanup, material spreading, or surface preparation, the PB270 PowerBroom can do it faster, more efficiently, and at less overall cost than any other method.

The PB230 PowerBroom is suited for moving lighter, non-abrasive materials

The PB230 is for the occasional user who doesn't need the power of a PB270. Intended for less demanding jobs, the PB230 is perfect for moving material up to three inches deep such as loam, pea gravel, and bark chips. Or use it for clearing away material like fallen leaves, powdery snow or standing water.

Features: PB270 and PB230

  • Shindaiwa-built premium 2-cycle engines
  • Chrome-plated cylinder
  • 2-ring piston
  • Heavy-duty crankshaft
  • Ball-and-caged needle bearing construction
  • All-position carburetor
  • 1-piece electronic ignition
  • Forced-air cooling, discharged away from operator
  • Automatic centrifugal clutch
  • Gearcase features fewer moving parts for improved reliability and serviceability
  • Clutch shoes are made of a high-tech composite material -- formulated to resist shock loads.
  • Anti-vibe mountings


Shindaiwa Multi Tool System

Versatility is What the Shindaiwa Multi-Tool System is All About. The Multi-Tool System provides customers one machine that can be used as many. This unit is designed for landscapers and upscale homeowners who want to save on storage space while enjoying the convenient capabilities that individual tools offer. Choose from several interchangeable attachments.

Trimmer: With its 18" cutting swath, the trimmer attachment converts the Multi-Tool System in to a commercial-grade string trimmer.

Pole Pruner: Convert a Multi-Tool System in to a 110" pole pruner for cutting the high-up tree limbs while standing firmly on the ground. Guide bars are available in 8", 10", and 12" lengths.

Articulated Hedge Trimmer: With its chrome plated 22 inch reciprocating blades and 58-inch total shaft length, the AH attachment allows for trimming tall hedges or low ground cover. The double-sided blades are adjustable through 10 locking positions and 150 degrees of rotation. The blades can be folded back for safe storage and transportation.

PowerBroom™: The unique sweeping attachment lets one person accomplish quickly what used to take a crew of workers hours to complete with rakes, shovels, and brooms. Sweep paved areas, grass, and floors without harming the surface.

Lawn Edger: Easier and faster than turning a trimmer on edge, the edger attachment provides a cleaner and lasting cut.

Cultivator: Powerful tool for turning soil for gardens, and planting beds.