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Equipment and Supplies Rentals - Damage Waiver

As an added service, unless declined, we automatically charge a damage waiver fee of 8% of the gross rental charge. In return, Paw Paw Rental waives your responsibility for accidental damage to the equipment while in your possession and control. You must still take reasonable precautions to protect the equipment and not intentionally damage the equipment.

The "Damage Waiver" is required on all rental equipment. This covers the renter for accidental damage to the rental equipment. This damage waiver fee can be waived if the customer provides to Contractors Equipment and Supply / Paw Paw Rentals a Certificate of Insurance from their insurer that shows Contractors Equipment and Supply / Paw Paw Rentals named as an additional insured as well as showing coverage for "Contractors Rented Equipment" up to the value of the unit being rented.

Damage Waiver Exceptions

Even with the Damage Waiver, damage or loss caused by burglary, theft, conversion, misuse, abuse intentional or negligent damage or destruction, or similar causes remain your responsibility including without limitation:

  1. Use or operation of equipment in a manner inconsistent with the manufacturer's instructions, or contrary to the rental contract.
  2. Loss or damage to accessory equipment such as welding leads, electric cords, bits, batteries, hoses, tires, tubes, or harnesses, etc.
  3. Loss due to inventory shortage, wrongful conversion or any dishonest act by customer or by a person entrusted by customer with the equipment, including customer's employees, sub-contractors or agents.
  4. Loss or damage due to flood, storm, earthquake, or other external factors.
  5. Loss or damage due to overloading or exceeding rated capacity, misuse, abuse, or improper servicing of the equipment.
  6. Seizure or destruction of the equipment by order of a government authority.
  7. All loss or damage of equipment caused by theft, vandalism, or malicious mischief.
  8. Tire repair is the responsibility of the renter.


Damage waiver is NOT insurance. You are still responsible for all personal injuries or property damage as set forth in the Rental Contract or operation of the equipment. The Damage Waiver is enforced for the same duration as the rental period. A rental period begins when you pick up the rented equipment and ends when the rented item is returned.